lørdag 20. mars 2010

Pictures on the wall

Her har jeg laget en bok, tryllestav, krukke med enhjørninghorn, fluesopp og drageegg.
Jeg har prøvd å lage ansiktet
til en av Tim Burtons mest kjente figurer;
Jack The pumpkin king fra filmen "Nightmare before Christmas"

Here I've made a book, wand, unicornspire, mushroom and a dragonegg.
I Have also tried to make the face of one of Tim Burtond most famous
characters; Jack the Pumkin King
from the movie "Nightmare before Christmas"

Cupcakes, these are going into the little box futher down the page!

Cake, Cinnamonspinners and something I don't recall the name of.

The big box is the witchroom I was talking about.

This lovely wheelbarrow I got for christmas 2009 from my mother.
The house under was also apart of the gift!

Sry, 'bout the crappy photos but we don't have the best lens for this small things!

Hope you like it!


2 kommentarer:

  1. Your witchy room will be fab behind the glass. I like those for small scenes.
    Love your clay work too.
    For unicorn horns take two spikes and twist them together. When baked brush dark brown paint on and wipe off with a wipe/cloth, so that the paint stays only in the little twisty bits.
    If you want to make the clay stronger so the bones and horns dont break add some fimo quick mix. Its available on ebay.
    I love your gifts and the cupcakes... very pretty.
    Nikki xxx

  2. I have a image in my head, and sometimes its harder to make, and find stuff to put in it. Thank u for the tutorial on the unicorn horn, I was wondering about that. These things I've made here is from my grandmother, she told me that the cernit is about 20 years old. So it's amazing that it still works.