torsdag 17. juni 2010


Hi everyone!

The reason for my long absence, is holiday! I really needed a vacation, because I was working on a theater production for over 2 months now, and we had the premiere 4, june. We played 5 shows over 3 days, so you could say I wasn't at my top when it was over.

So the journey when to a place called Skien in Norway, my aunt lives there. They just moved, so me and my cousin when to see the house and the city. I had a really good time, I think I gaind weight when I was there. So we didn't do so much of use!
I was looking for some miniaturestores, but it's not a very big hobby here in Norway... sadly.

But now I'm home for about two weeks before I set my nose to Finland! It's a choir trip, we're having some conserts and a musical show, so I'm looking forward to that. I asked Merry Jingle for help finding some miniaturestores in kokkola, but sadly there's no one where I'm going.
Just wanted to thank her for the help, and please check out her blog. She's working on this amazing house, I love it. Totally worth a look everyone;)

I'm going to do some miniatures today, I just need to help with the house and then I can do some!

I also wanted to say Hi to my new followers, Thank you for following me!

Have a nice day!