søndag 4. april 2010

Long time, no see!:)

Sweet holiday!
It's only a few days left, and I've been
really busy.
Since i've been so busy, there haven't been time to make miniatures:(
But some small things did I get to finish.

These macrons I've painted.
I loved making them, because it's simple and fun to make.

Make two balls (brown and white) , cut the brown in two.
Make the edges round, so you don't have the cut mark.
Make the white ball a little smaller, cut it in two.
Do the same with the edges, as the brown.
push the white slice on one of the brown parts.
put the other brown half, so the white is in the midle.
So the fun part...
Use a scalpel, toothpick or a needle.
And make the edges on the sides.

This is the first teapot, cups and plates I've ever made.
Not so happy with the outcome, but with a little practise...
I think I can get better at it!

This is my dollhouse, I got it from my mom some years ago!
I haven't done anything with it, just waiting for the inspiration to come.
I want it in a baroqe style. ( I don't know how to spell it)
My little brother and sister, enjoy playing with it.
But I don't think they get to do that when I start working on it.

Hope you all had a great easter.

Lots a love