mandag 9. april 2012


This easter my whole family have been working on the dollhouse! Even my grandmother joined us. I hadn't imagined how much work it really was! I'm so glad that I took alot of pictures of the prosess.
The picture above is from the kitchen, it's my mother who have painted the angel and the wall. When she was beginning on the angel, I thought it looked like the little gold ball from Harry Potter but it turned out to be a angel.

The pictures are not in any order, sry about that.

This is the left wall in the library, I totaly love it. It tells a story of a time far and beyond. I'm not sure what kind of story, thats up to you!
The flower under is also from the same wall, also painted by my mother.
I was supposed to paint the wall, but my skills are not like my mother's.

Here's a close up of the angel that guards the kitchen.
Library wall
This is a close up of the livingroom wall, my mother's art... again.
Livingroom wall, and my easter egg. I think it looks like one of those Fabergee eggs!
And here is the whole house! What do you think?
I'll explain it from the attick.

Attick - beedroom whit a walk in closet (I don't have a picture)
From left: Livingroom with crowns - Library on the right
From left: Kitchen and bathroom on the right!

This is the bathroomfloor

Even our cat was watching over the progress, her name is NELLY. And she is one of three cats in the house!:)

Grandma: Her favorite quote is "Nice to have" She collect everything that can be usefull:)

My father painted the floor, he and my mother went to artschool when they were young. Sadly he's never satisfied with his paintings and usually paints over them again. I'v been waiting for a painting of Marilyn monroe for over 6 years now. Maybe for my 30 years birthday - wich is over 7 years to go. crossing my fingers!

Hope you like it!
And more pictures to come of the interior, I just have to make som furnitures and buy some!
Have a nice day everyone!


onsdag 28. mars 2012


Det er lenge siden jeg har vært her inne på bloggen, men nå har jeg funnet inspirasjon til å begynne igjen!

Jeg har begynt å laget flere ting i fimo og tre, slik at nå er det kun fantasien som stopper meg.
I denne skrivende stund, står en arbeidshylle med benk å tørker ved siden av meg. Tanker bak er at den skal brukes dekkes med heksebrygg, hodeskaller, flagonger, skroller osv. Dere skjønner tegningen! Inspirert av spesielt en miniatyrmaker og blogger: Nikki!

Jeg har planer om å laget mitt eget hus helt fra bunnen av, her er noen bilder til inspirasjon:

(Jeg husker dessverre ikke hvor jeg fikk tak i bildene, når jeg kommer over bildene igjen skriver jeg linken under)

Ha en fin dag!


tirsdag 15. november 2011

A new start

Hi everyone! It's been over a year since i've been in here.

An alot have changed, I'm now a student in drama and theater in Trondheim...
I really like it, even though I miss the daily rutine that i had on work and all the children.

Well, I feel it is time to update the blog, because now I'm in a flow...
i've been really creative: needlepoint, knitting, croching and fimo!
I've begun making some jewellery - I'll poste pictures as soon as i have made some more.

I can not promise to update to often - because I don't have internett in my appartment. BUT it will be installed soon.. Joy!

Lots of love an absent student!

torsdag 17. juni 2010


Hi everyone!

The reason for my long absence, is holiday! I really needed a vacation, because I was working on a theater production for over 2 months now, and we had the premiere 4, june. We played 5 shows over 3 days, so you could say I wasn't at my top when it was over.

So the journey when to a place called Skien in Norway, my aunt lives there. They just moved, so me and my cousin when to see the house and the city. I had a really good time, I think I gaind weight when I was there. So we didn't do so much of use!
I was looking for some miniaturestores, but it's not a very big hobby here in Norway... sadly.

But now I'm home for about two weeks before I set my nose to Finland! It's a choir trip, we're having some conserts and a musical show, so I'm looking forward to that. I asked Merry Jingle for help finding some miniaturestores in kokkola, but sadly there's no one where I'm going.
Just wanted to thank her for the help, and please check out her blog. She's working on this amazing house, I love it. Totally worth a look everyone;)

I'm going to do some miniatures today, I just need to help with the house and then I can do some!

I also wanted to say Hi to my new followers, Thank you for following me!

Have a nice day!


onsdag 26. mai 2010


Now, I've finally managed to take some pictures of what I've
been creating these past days. I've been in a really productive periode,
and that's a good thing because, when I'm doing miniatures I relax.
I put on some good/relaxing music and then the prosess begins.

As you can see, some of the bottles can't stand up. Stupid me forgot to check
if they could stand. The same with one of the nailpolish bottles.
I think the nailpolish bottles looks like real nailpolish bottles!:)
One of my biggest inspiration is NIKKI, so you can see I've copied her idea.
I hope it's not a tooo big crime, but I got a load marbles laying in a box.
And now I could juse some of them to something useful.

These bottles need some paint and some pearls on the top, to be complete.

The fishbottles was suppose to be standing on their mouths,
but my idea kindaa didn't work!
I know it's a bad photo, but it was the best one I had taken. Sry

Creepy hand, but I love it!

These octopus bottles are some of the things I'm most proud of!
They was fun to make also, just find out how many arms you want it to have.
make small balls, use a needle and push them on the arms.
and when u turn it, place something in the middle (where the mouth suppose to be)
And arrange the arms.

what do you think?:)

This is my love potions!
I had a load of white marbles, and I was thinking on a way to decorate them.
And suddenly it hit me, angelwings.
and since white is one of dream colors, it fitted perfectly!
Do u see my colibri bird?
Have a creative week everybody!

xoxo Dikte

mandag 10. mai 2010

Rainbow High

Now, finaly I've manged to make some miniature things!
I'm so happy about it
and to say it myself..
I don't think the outcome is too bad!:D
I'm having some trouble with my witch prodject, so now I'm working
on my cake/cookie shop...
I've made som cakes, and I found a pretty cool website, where you can
find some inspiration to do with your cakes.

Now I'm waiting for the newly painted roombox to dry..
Pink and white, is my color choice for the outdoor.
And I had to mix the pink myself, so I was very lucky to find a nice color,
at my first attempt!:)

Now I'm heading down to fetsh my camera, so pictures are coming soon!

Wish u all a nice week!

lørdag 8. mai 2010

Happy Birthday

is my mother's

I love my mum.
I can't describe how much she means to me.
I could probably fill page after page,
dedicated to her.
So to let everybody know something about my mum.
I will give her a star for each quality
I love the most.

* loves her family
* big hearted
* cries, if she's happy or sad.
*she smiles
* takes care of her family
* dedicated to her family
*dedicated to her work
*loves animals
*good sence of humor

She's MY MOTHER and I love her!
So thank you for being who you are!

*Take a look at her blogs at*

Almost everything you see in her blog, the clothes, pillows and sewing prodject
is made by her. Sadly she only write in norwegian!