mandag 9. april 2012


This easter my whole family have been working on the dollhouse! Even my grandmother joined us. I hadn't imagined how much work it really was! I'm so glad that I took alot of pictures of the prosess.
The picture above is from the kitchen, it's my mother who have painted the angel and the wall. When she was beginning on the angel, I thought it looked like the little gold ball from Harry Potter but it turned out to be a angel.

The pictures are not in any order, sry about that.

This is the left wall in the library, I totaly love it. It tells a story of a time far and beyond. I'm not sure what kind of story, thats up to you!
The flower under is also from the same wall, also painted by my mother.
I was supposed to paint the wall, but my skills are not like my mother's.

Here's a close up of the angel that guards the kitchen.
Library wall
This is a close up of the livingroom wall, my mother's art... again.
Livingroom wall, and my easter egg. I think it looks like one of those Fabergee eggs!
And here is the whole house! What do you think?
I'll explain it from the attick.

Attick - beedroom whit a walk in closet (I don't have a picture)
From left: Livingroom with crowns - Library on the right
From left: Kitchen and bathroom on the right!

This is the bathroomfloor

Even our cat was watching over the progress, her name is NELLY. And she is one of three cats in the house!:)

Grandma: Her favorite quote is "Nice to have" She collect everything that can be usefull:)

My father painted the floor, he and my mother went to artschool when they were young. Sadly he's never satisfied with his paintings and usually paints over them again. I'v been waiting for a painting of Marilyn monroe for over 6 years now. Maybe for my 30 years birthday - wich is over 7 years to go. crossing my fingers!

Hope you like it!
And more pictures to come of the interior, I just have to make som furnitures and buy some!
Have a nice day everyone!


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  1. Estais haciendo toda la familia un trabajo fantastico!!!
    Hasta el gatito ha colaborado jejeje
    Me encantara seguir los avances de esa preciosa casa.
    besitos ascension