onsdag 26. mai 2010


Now, I've finally managed to take some pictures of what I've
been creating these past days. I've been in a really productive periode,
and that's a good thing because, when I'm doing miniatures I relax.
I put on some good/relaxing music and then the prosess begins.

As you can see, some of the bottles can't stand up. Stupid me forgot to check
if they could stand. The same with one of the nailpolish bottles.
I think the nailpolish bottles looks like real nailpolish bottles!:)
One of my biggest inspiration is NIKKI, so you can see I've copied her idea.
I hope it's not a tooo big crime, but I got a load marbles laying in a box.
And now I could juse some of them to something useful.

These bottles need some paint and some pearls on the top, to be complete.

The fishbottles was suppose to be standing on their mouths,
but my idea kindaa didn't work!
I know it's a bad photo, but it was the best one I had taken. Sry

Creepy hand, but I love it!

These octopus bottles are some of the things I'm most proud of!
They was fun to make also, just find out how many arms you want it to have.
make small balls, use a needle and push them on the arms.
and when u turn it, place something in the middle (where the mouth suppose to be)
And arrange the arms.

what do you think?:)

This is my love potions!
I had a load of white marbles, and I was thinking on a way to decorate them.
And suddenly it hit me, angelwings.
and since white is one of dream colors, it fitted perfectly!
Do u see my colibri bird?
Have a creative week everybody!

xoxo Dikte

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  1. Me encantan todos los trabajos que has hecho esta semana.los colibris, los pulpos,la mano con la canica, los pececitos, los botes.........te ha quedado todo genial, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension

  2. Hi Star,so beautiful name!I love your originals minis,You have a lovely blog!I'm big fan of Stepahnie Meyers´s books too!
    Miniregards from sunny Spain.

  3. Hi Star, I am so glad you popped over to my blog because that has meant I have been able to find yours.
    Great work with the bottles, I have tried them too, inspired by Nikki, and they were not successful at all!
    You could always use a bit of tacky wax to stand up your fab fish.

  4. Hi Star, I would love to include some pictures of your fantastic bottles on my blog page.

    They are simply fabulous and I would enjoy showing them to my followers and link them to your site.

    Would that be ok?


  5. Hi Janice!

    Thank you for all those kind words, it warmed my heart!

    About the bottles, if you want to do that it's okay with me. So fun that you want to show some of my creations, thank you!:D


  6. All marble spin-offs are charming and clever, particularly enjoy the octupuses - super wonderful!

  7. Your bottles turned out nicely :)

    Here's the craftstores webpages http://www.askarteluliikesiluetti.com/ and the address is Tehtaankatu 2 A, they are open mo-fri 11-17 and saturday 10-14.

    There's also a fabric store which has (at least here where I live) lots of trimmings, buttons etc. Eurokangas
    Pitkänsillankatu 20, 67100 KOKKOLA

    All the dollhouse stores seem to be in the Southern Finland.

    Have fun time in Kokkola :)


  8. Oh, I see you haven't done a post in a while? Why? You are very good in minis, have you stopped? :)

    Thank you for your interest in my blog. I hope to see you there often and do say "hi" ok?

  9. Your perfume bottles are beautiful! I love your description about how making miniatures relaxes you. Thanks for becoming a friend of my blog. I have eight giveaways going on now--they all end May 3--feel free to join! :-) Jennifer