søndag 2. mai 2010

Nobody's Side

(Me at the opening of NORDIC LIGHT, photo: Ken Alvin )

Oh my god..
It's been a long time since I've been in here!
The time goes by to quickly!
I've been so busy.

I've had two conserts.
(And that takes time, because it requires a lot of practise)
The band and I wasn't home before 1 pm in the night.
I got about 6 hours sleep, and went off to work.
I have been so lucky that the nearest kindergarden has offered me
a 70% posision.

The consert went very well.
I enjoyed every minute of it!
So most likely we are going to Oslo ( the capital of Norway)
with the program we had!
It's not until october, so we have some time to polish the song.

Sadly, I haven't had enough time to do miniatures.
I've only made some signs, that can hang on the doorknobs.
I plan on doing some miniature things this week!
I'm looking forward to it... !

Thanks for following me, even though I'm not good enough to update.

I even consider to put out a clip of a consert I resently had, what do you think?:)

Have a splendid day everybody!

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